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    Published: 2012-07-24, by Manu Galvez.

    Roobot Personal Assistant is a 3D chatbot that allows users to control their devices with voice or text

    • User-friendly interface
    • Layout and graphics
    • Ease of use
    • Dozens of tasks
    • Voice recognition languages: only English so far
    • Voice recognition accuracy should be enhanced

    "Roo, check this out, please"

    Using gestures and speech-to-text technology to manage our smartphones and tablets is trend. Actually, it seems that this will be the way to perform basic stuff in our mobile devices in the near future. Apps like Roobot made up the list of pioneers that use that technology and fulfill and important mission: get us used to this way of managing mobile devices.

    Roobot allows us to carry out in a simple way most performed tasks in our mobile devices. Just use voice or text to indicate what you want and Roobot will take care of the rest.

    Thus, with Roobot you'll be able to take notes and send e-mails, set alarms and reminders, update status on Facebook and Twitter, send SMS and make calls, mathematical calculations, money or metric conversions, weather info and many more. Actually, since Roobot brings in-app browser you can easily search the Internet. Likewise, it comes with built-in "Stored notes" app which is really useful to write down memos without leaving the app.

    Besides, the app is highly configurable: you can set volume, different Roobot's voice and voice recognition language (only English and dialects so far). In fact, Roobot appearance can be set at your whim: body size, skin and dress.

    Roobot is set in 3D graphics, good-looking layout and user-friendly interface. It's easy to get the hang of it. There are just two catches to mention: first, it should include more languages for voice recognition; second, it should be enhanced regarding voice recognition accuracy. Despite of this, Roobot climbs to the top positions of Android personal assistants. Don't get stressed, Roobot will do it for you.

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    Emmanuel Appszoom logo

    by Emmanuel , Appszoom

    Jul 24, 2012


    Roobot is a 3D friend and personal assistant definitely better than Siri enabling users to control their android based devices with voice or text (Only in English for now).

    Roobot can;

    Set Alarms and Reminders (Let me know in 10 minutes)
    Ask questions (Who is Barack Obama)
    Add and read Calendar Events (What are my plans today?) (I have to go dentist on monday)
    Post messages in Facebook and Twitter (Post in facebook)
    Send and read SMS messages (send message)
    Send Emails (Send Email to )
    Find businesses (restaurants, hospitals) nearby
    Take notes (Take note)
    Make phone calls (Call )
    Tell you jokes (Tell me a joke)
    Search videos in youtube (Search in youtube)
    Launch applications (Start calender)
    Play music from your library (Play Micheal Jackson)
    Do mathematical calculation (What is 5 times 3)
    Do money or metric conversions (Convert 3 dollars to euros)
    Give you latest weather information in any city in the world (How is the weather today in London)
    Give you latest space weather information (How is the space weather today?)
    Give you local time in any city in the world (What time is it in Tokyo)
    Learn new things (Start Learning)
    Find information on internet (Search for )

    And many more

    Roobot learns new things every time you talk to him. If you are not happy with Roobots' answers, you can teach him/her new things and override his memory(Hint: Maybe what Roobot should say when he hear your friends names).

    You can stop the live background by enabling power save mode from settings. You can create your own Android type Roobot bye choosing the appropriate green dress and adjusting the Roobot size.

    You can also personalize your Roobot in any way you want. Roobot comes with 25 dress options.
    You can choose one of the 7 different accents in English including; UK, USA, Australia, South Africa, India, Canada, New Zealand.

    Now Roobot has 5 different backgrounds and capable of telling you latest space weather. (Yes Roobot is your last defense before life on Earth comes to end.)

    If you want to compare Roobot to other voice command tools like Skyvi or SpeaktoIt Assistant. Just ask them not to do something. For example "don't send email".

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