Rotate to Unlock Screen




    This application is a screen locker. With this application, you could lock and unlock your phone screen quickly and conveniently. Would you like to take a new unlocking experience???


    1. It is easy to make this screen lock service for your phone.
    Before you could use this screen lock, please get into the Locker settings.
    Here enable the locker and it will start to work for you.

    2. This screen lock is totally free.

    3. It provides sound and vibration as reminder of unlocking.
    Also you could also select to disable it according to your requirement.

    3. It is simple to unlock the screen.
    On the locked screen, there is a battery indicator which indicates the left electricity inside.
    5. On the unlocking screen, the detailed information of time and date will be displayed.

    About User Interface:

    First, the user interface is very simple. The background is about door.

    Second, there is a locker icon on the main interface.It means if you want to unlock the phone screen, you need to rotate the locker icon from right to left,

    Last, on the user interface, you could check the current time and date quickly. Besides, the power of your battery could also be seen. With the power indication, you would know when you need to charge.

    This screen lock is to take use of door as the theme. With the help of this application, you could lock and unlock your phone screen. Wanna try something new???

    How to Use this application:

    When you get into the application, please go to settings firstly.
    Because if you want to use this screen lock, you have to activate it.
    In the locker settings, you could activate the screen lock easily.

    Also you could also enable the ringtone and vibration effect.
    If you are attending an important meeting, you had better turn them off.
    But if the ringtone and vibration will not affect, for example, you are at home, you could turn both of them on.
    When your phone is unlock, the ringtone and vibration will remind you.

    If you like this screen lock, don't hesitate to download it to your phone.
    Rate it five stars or recommend it to your friends to support us.

    If you have any problem, please send us an email.