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    Do you like playing a roulette game?

    Have you ever tried to estimate the next number?
    Have you ever found any pattern or rule of this game?

    No. Roulette never allow any of such easy ways to win.
    Then should we stop playing roulette right now?

    If it sounds too much for your life as it can be a part of your exciting life though,
    why don't you ask a little help from this app.

    This app named 'Roulette Victor' can be a good friend and assistant to help you win the game.
    Victor will tell you when and where to bet your money by reporting current status based on the predefined target and notifying you whenever it reaches to the target.

    What you need to do is just to bet and wait.
    That's it. Then??
    Enjoy your life.

    * Display current status with colourful graph (current / target)
    * Show number history
    * Vibrate when reaching target point
    * Target Values' menu to offer various target value options.
    * 'Wheel Types' which enables switching between 'Single Wheel' and 'Double Wheel' games.


    Roulette Victor is a mobile application that gives roulette gamers an idea when and where to bet their money.
    UI components
    - List view of number groups
    - History view
    - Dial to scroll
    - Register button
    - Undo button

    How to use
    1. Register won number
    2. Watch list view
    3. Bet as indicated

    How to register number
    1. Drag dial up or down to the number to pick
    2. Click the number on dial to select
    3. Click register button to apply the number to history.

    How to read the list view
    Each row shows group of numbers, colourful bar graph, target number.
    Groups of number
    low : 1~18
    high :19~36
    red : numbers in red background
    black : numbers in black background
    odd : odd numbers such as 1, 3, 5, 7
    even : even numbers such as 2, 4, 6, 8
    1st column : numbers in the first column
    2nd column : numbers in the 2nd column
    3rd column : numbers in the 3rd column

    Bar graph
    This graph shows how many turns this group of number has continously been unpicked. For example, if odd numbers (1, 7, 35) have continously been picked in order then the point of even numbers shows 3 and the point of odd numbers stays 0. Once more, if history shows 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 from the oldest then even numbers shows 3 and odd numbers shows 0.

    Target number
    As the point of number group becomes closer to this target number the colour of bar graph changes from green, yellow, red. And when it reaches target number it vibrates to notify user.

    Conclusively when it vibrates, bet on the group of number in red colour Then user can achieves the highest possibility to win.

    Keywords: Roulettte helper, estimator, analyzer, calculator, reporter, predictor, assistant

    p.s :
    * Roulette Victor v1.0 won't be automatically updated due to my technical mistake. Please remove and install the latest one from Google store.
    * Any feedback about this app will be highly appreciated.

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