Roundabout Capacity

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    **** Results can be saved on a pdf file. ****
    Application developed to perform field data collections related to the analysis of traffic intensity.
    The aim of the app is to facilitate vehicle capacity work in both vials and roundabouts, allowing data collection as follows:
    • Vials: Enables data collection in both directions of traffic.
    • Roundabouts: Enables traffic data collection input, output and internal circulation.
    It also includes the ability to differentiate when measuring light vehicle traffic and heavy vehicles.
    For best results work, is implemented with the following input in the measurement:
    • Starting time measurement.
    • Section measurement time.
    • Brief description of each branch.
    Finally you get a results screen with all data grouped described above and the possibilty of save them in a pdf file called Result.pdf placed on the path downloads/Documents/

    Tags: capacity calculations at roundabouts