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    Read description so that no misunderstandings!
    The PRO version app has a surcharge, the multi-language is included in this, faults corrected and will now only have the new Routerkeys maintenance PRO please buy it.

    This application allows you to view all the properties of your wireless router that is connected, and the network SSID, IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, DNS address primary and backup, plus network DHCP server small router itself will act as such.
    Using simple, once connected to a network providing information and return the following button combinations and generated password.
    Just try to get into your browser the number of the default gateway and go testing users and passwords that will give you a career.

    Now there is a video explaining the basic use of the app:
    The free version is ideal for use with a laptop, desktop or tablet.
    You just have to enter in any browser the default gateway, I recommend in this order:
    Mozilla FireFox
    Internet Explorer
    Google Chrome
    Other ...
    Once you entered the default gateway only if your router is not your AP, if you have not managing your router or wireless access has castrated the router will not work.
    You'll have to try one by one the different combinations routerkeys offers from first
    User: empty
    Password: empty
    to the last available, if you depart from the list of possible combinations is that the router is with default values ​​just reset your router and retest combinations.
    The same model can come default router with different credentials, CISCO see why when one program is better you go suggesting app combinations as you've tried one just have to give the next generation, so you know which 've tried already.
    Not as a random generator that has an orderly pattern generation for every test.

    Target user of the app:
    Usually the username and password of the router on the box of the router, on a sticker under or on a CD.
    Forgot your username and password, you do not get to find it in the manual, you have been scratched cd, is in English and do not understand ... Well this app is for you
    If you see that does not work any combination router has a button that says RESET and press it once done tests and combinations of them enter.
    This administration will recover your router.

    Nontarget user of the app:
    If what you're trying is to get into a router agenocierto is that 80% of users do not change the key router because the average user does not know how to manage a router.
    When you install a router coach usually change your wifi key, otherwise it will default to let you manage your router if you know and if you know better not to touch it and when they have to reparartelo keys are the factory and not disposed thousand hours.
    This in my view is a security hole but exploiting a security hole IS ILLEGAL! INTERNET USE WITHOUT PERMISSION OR OTHER sneak into their devices IS ILLEGAL! I do not take responsibility for the misuse can be given to this app.

    Hacking and Cracking are two very different terms.
    Help recover a password "Hack"
    Get contraeña for your benefit "Crack"

    The translation has been made Desciption function google filling the fields with auto translation, text in Castilian correct this, if in doubt see it.
    The free version is only available in Castilian, Castilian understand unless you purchase the PRO version to use the app.

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