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    If you are deleting apps, the picture / video, the safe must be deleted after sent out, and to delete the app if you like the content of the written diaries and notes will be deleted.
    (Later to do a backup is scheduled.)
    -------------------------------------------------- --------

    Gallery (photos / videos), diary / notes management app (call logs automatically delete)

    Photo / video management, and diary / notes created / can be stored.
    Create multiple boxes can be managed. (Multiple password).
    Do you still delete the call history?
    Putting it in the vault, you do not log.
    (Jenna delete messages, call history, and some phones from LG and Pantech call history may not be deleted.)

    1 going into safe

    Smartphones downloaded "safe" app icon screen appears when you touch the dial of the safe. The slide bar at the bottom of the screen from side to side sliding portion, or the number buttons, beating matchunhu toktok, dialing the number press the button in the center of number is entered.
    Thus the four kinds of numbers are input, flag, if the password entered matches will be held safe.
    (Number button is pressed, the central figure again to '0 'will be set.)
    Come from the safe deposit box when the Home button, you will remain open.

    2 Preferences

    1) Change Password
    Current is used to change the password of the vault.
    After checking the current password, enter your new password twice.

    2) Password Register
    If you create another safe use of your password when you register.
    After checking the current password, saegeumgo enter your password twice.
    Have multiple boxes that manage.

    3) Enter the password to change the way
     - Slide mode: Enter the password using the slide bar
     - The number pad method: Enter the password using the number pad

    5) Vibrate When Receiving a message
    In the safe when it came to a number of SMS text alerts only vibrate.

    6) upon receiving the notification message
    In the safe when it came to a number of the SMS text message is received in the upper left of the screen dialogue box displayed.

    3 Copy the phone number

    Go into safe center of the screen to touch the upper part of the geumgobak If you select Phone, the phone number that is registered outside the box will be displayed in the safe way to send a name that party gets to touch the "vault copy" window open, window If you touch becomes in the vault copy.

    In the safe at the telephone number modification / deletion is possible, this time to "fix" for a number of other boxes must not be modified, the "Delete" box on the left the number out. In addition, in the safe, telephone number, registration is possible.

    In addition, even if you delete a phone number from outside the vault, the phone number left in the safe.

    Phone number stored in safe deposit box In addition, the name / phone number remained, and when receiving phone name / phone number is displayed, but the character receives a phone number. Marked city.

    5 text messages

    In the safe use of the Phone button on the message, use the Send To feature common characters

    Text messaging is only supported SMS, MMS support fails. (MMS Received out of the box.)

    If not safe to send and receive messages from the only record of a text message will be left, in the safe that can only examine the history of the character (in the vault and delete records from the character possible)

    6. Photo and video management

    Go into safe center of the screen to touch the upper part of the geumgobak If you select the Image and Video pictures and videos, which is kept outside the box will be displayed in the vault that you want to send pictures and video of the road - when you touch something, "move to vault / Delete "window tteuneunde" move to vault "Moved to vault when you touch.
    In contrast, in the safe deposit box out on the move / delete also possible.

    7 diary management

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    Madison Johnson

    by Madison Johnson

    Mar 26, 2017  |  "Good"

    Looks like a good app. Password doesn't work so opens like any other non-password app. Disappointed.

    Modesta Adames

    by Modesta Adames

    Dec 24, 2016  |  "Poor"


    Sushil Dhore

    by Sushil Dhore

    Jan 21, 2016  |  "Poor"

    Not a downloads Xpria users not a West your dada pack of this ... thanq

    William Ward

    by William Ward

    Feb 18, 2015  |  "Awesome"

    Love it hides apps pictures journal it's awesome

    Zeeshan Khan

    by Zeeshan Khan

    Dec 07, 2014  |  "Poor"

    Very sucking



    Oct 10, 2014  |  "Poor"

    Like it