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    With the Safety Fence GPS Child Locator, you can easily locate your child and be notified if he or she leaves a pre-defined "safe" area.

    Note: This app goes on the CHILD'S phone. The free PARENT app (found here: must be installed on the parent's phone.

    The Safety Fence GPS Child Locator is the ONLY app on the market today that:
    - Has no ongoing subscription fees or monthly charges.
    - Does not require a data plan on either the parent's or child's phone.
    - Allows the parent to create a virtual fence around the child's phone. A text notification will be sent if the child's phone leaves the fenced area.
    - Does not require the user to draw complicated areas on a map. Simply push a button to select a radius around the child's current phone location, and you're done.

    A child's safety is at the top of every parent's priority list, and with GPS technology, it is possible to keep track of a child's whereabouts at all times. Unfortunately, GPS services and phone data plans can be very expensive. Many GPS locator services require a monthly service subscription of $15-$20 per month, and wireless data plans cost even more than that.

    Unlike apps that require the parent to constantly check on the location of the child, the Safety Fence GPS Child Locator allows you to create a virtual fence around the child. When the child is at school, home, or at a friend's house, simply select "Fence" on the main Locator screen and choose a radius. When the child leaves that radius, a notification text is sent to you. The notification includes the new location, the distance travelled from the original location, the current location accuracy (affected by weather conditions and building types), the child's speed (useful if the child is currently travelling in a car), and the child's phone battery level. Additionally, the current location of the child's phone can be obtained at any time, whether or not a fence has been defined.

    Up to three child phones and two parent phones can be simultaneously used for concurrent fencing and location purposes. This app is a one-time purchase, and there is no additional expense for installations on additional parent or child phones.

    Why track your child?
    Here are some common uses for a notification-centric GPS tracking app:
    - You drop your child off at school, or at a friend's house. You don't expect your child to leave that location until he or she is picked up. You can receive an instant notification as soon as your child leaves that location.
    - Your child walks home from school every day. You can set the virtual fence area to include both locations (and the distance in between). If your child wanders from the pre-defined safe zone (or heaven forbid is abducted and moved to another location), you will be instantly notified.
    - You go to a theme park or fair with a young child. Simply put a phone in their pocket, and should they ever get lost, you are able to instantly find their location even if the child is unable to call you or accurately describe their own location.

    How does the TOTAL system cost compare with that of the competition?
    Dedicated GPS trackers cost around $200. They also require a monthly subscription of $15-$20 per month. This adds up to $440 for the first year and $240 every year thereafter. Many phone apps require a monthly subscription as well. In addition, just about every other app requires a data plan. At $30 per month ($360 per year), the cost of simply being able to track your child becomes prohibitive.

    With the Safety Fence GPS Child Locator, you can give an older Android phone to a child. Android phones can be found on Ebay for $40. Pair that with a prepaid talk and texting plan such as that from Page Plus Cellular ($10 every 4 months), and you have a very affordable GPS tracking solution along with a fully-functional calling phone for your child for use in emergencies, all for about $30 per year.

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