Samsung Smart View-Tab




    [Supported Models]

    -Samsung Smart TV released in 2011
    Models greater or equal to LED D7000, PDP D8000

    with Samsung Tablet PC
    Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Tab 8.9

    -Samsung Smart TV released in 2012
    N.America: Models greater or equal to LED ES7500, PDP E7000
    Europe: Models greater or equal to LED ES7000, PDP E8000
    Other Regions: Models greater or equal to LED ES7500, PDP E8000

    with Samsung Tablet PC
    Galaxy Tab 10.1

    [About the Application]
    This application is Wi-Fi remote control for Samsung Smart TV. If both your tablet PC and TV are connected to the same wireless Router, your tablet PC will link to the TV automatically where you can use your tablet PC like a remote control. The TV can also transfer live feeds to your tablet PC.

    [Main Features]
    -Dual View
    Enjoy TV and other multimedia right from your mobile device that’s connected to Samsung Smart TV.
    Your mobile device can work as remote for your Samsung TV or BD products. Full remote screen is provided by default, and three tabs are provided at the bottom of the screen to help you control connected devices with ease. On screen keyboard shows up automatically when you need to enter text.
    -Game Controller
    With this feature, your mobile device can control games on TV. Full and Simple modes are available. Turn on Gyro function on your mobile device, and control games by tilting your mobile device.
    You can fine-tune control for TV and BD by adjusting gesture sensitivity in your mobile device.

    [How to set up]
    1.Check if Wireless Remote Control or Network Remote Control is enabled in your TV’s System or Setup menu. If you don’t see either of them in the menu, Samsung Smart View App can’t be used in your mobile device.
    2.Connect wireless/wired router to TV LAN port, or connect Samsung Wireless LAN adapter to TV USB port.
    3.Connect your tablet PC to wireless/wired router.

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