Sara Lite, Full Protection

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    Sara Lite, Full Protection

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    Sara Lite is an application designed and developed to run on any Android device that meets minimum requirements.
    This aspect or benefit provided by Sara © is particularly applicable in cases of abductions, rapes, assaults, people with physical or mental self unable to succor, loss of orientation, loss of phones, loss of memory, auto thefts, actions control and / or monitoring for children or adults, and any other condition that requires the need for assistance or relief without having human intervention at the time.
    The operating mode of Sara is simple.
    It is configured and activated only once, after its activation, the application closes then manually or automatically maintaining aa latent execution pending its automatic or manual activation.
    The latent period of the application is 10 days, during which period the application will remain dormant as its execution until it is manually turned off, the battery is consumed, destroyed ... or restart the computer (the latter limit but not eliminate certain run out of the application).
    Sara can be activated in two ways.
    In silent mode (without human intervention)
    In Interactive mode (After application enabled in this mode, the same Sara icon changes its function when activated, and only by pressing the icon ... Sara © act)

    Phone, tablet or computer with Android version 2.1 or higher
    Screen resolution: minimum 480 pixels of horizontal resolution.
    Phone line (not exclusive)
    * Internet connection (not exclusive)
    * Gmail mail account type: (inclusive)
    There are no minimum requirements for the memory required

    The lite version is a fully functional version

    Full Version: Allows sending 9 SMS max and 9 Emails max
    Lite Version: Allows sending 4 SMS max and 4 Emails max

    Full Version: can disable sending outgoing calls
    Lite Version: Does not include this option

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