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    This application (save packet Trial [SavePacketTrial]) suppressed SP Mohd's etc. communication at worst, and it created it in order to cut down communication charges.
    APN is controlled and packet communication is controlled.

    - As for -SP mode mail which can be set up, specification of the reception BOX etc. can also do APN used for every application.
    - In the state (APN, WIFI) which can be communicated, an icon becomes monochrome and distinction is possible.

    - Immediately after installation
    Please start an application and turn ON "APN cancellation."
    - The communication ON, application starting
    The communication ON and application starting are performed from a widget.
    "The application to start", a "connection place", "connect time", etc. are specified at the time of widget creation.
    Connection place kind [APN] or[WIFI] is displayed on a widget as the icon of the specified application.
    Whenever it clicks a widget, "ON" and "OFF" of APN or WIFI are repeated.
    * At the time of "ON" of APN or WIFI, since an icon becomes monochrome, a state can be distinguished.

    When you uninstall, please be sure to turn OFF "APN cancellation" or to perform "for it to be reset to initial setting" する of an access point name.
    Moreover, since "Data enabled" is still a state of OFF, please turn ON manually.
    Communication becomes possible after it.
    "Data enabled" is in "Settings" ->"Wireless & networks" -> "Mobile networks"
    This Trial version can be used for after-installation 5 days.
    Moreover, although a setup disappears, it can also be used for 5 days by deleting once and reinstalling again.

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