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    This is the best score keeper application to help you keep track of your score when playing your favorite board games, battleship, scrabble, card games, such as, UNO, gin rummy, hearts, spades, bridge, dice games, dominoes or keep track of score for your kids sporting event. No need to waste paper (environment friendly) or find a pen or pencil (save trees!). Just open the app and start playing.

    * 1 - 200 players
    * Save/Load games
    * Swap player positions
    * Temporary score so previous score is not overwritten until confirmed.
    * Player names saved for easy setup
    * Increment toggle between 1,5,10 and custom value
    * Hold button increment
    * Save games, automatically saves game on exit
    * Increment scores at desired amount
    * Change player names in game
    * Automatically saves game in progress
    * In game timer, beats and vibrates when time's up.
    * Increase/Decrease by holding button down
    * Reset scores option
    * Highest score gets highlighted.
    * Easy to use, reliably keeps score

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