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    Screen Safety is a screen lock app which can lock your screen only by one touch. You never press the power key to lock your phone.

    You should know more about this app.

    1. One of your fingers is enough to lock the screen. After you have installed this app, you just click the icon of this application, and the screen of your phone will be locked automatically.

    2. If you need to unlock your mobile phone, you just slide your finger on the specific place of the screen. The screen will be unlocked immediately.

    Screen Safety is very simple and easy to use. There are many screen lock apps on the internet, such as screen lock android, best lockscreen, android lockscreen and so on. But you should choose one really good.

    Screen Safety I have used it for a long time which I feel is very comveient and useful, so I recommend it to you. I hope it will help you in the future and you will love it.

    An important property of a lock, in fact, is its granularity. The granularity is a measure of the amount of data the lock is protecting. Generally, choosing a coarse granularity (a small number of locks, each protecting a large segment of data) results in less lock overhead when a single process can be accessing the protected data, but some worse performance when multiple processes are running concurrently. This is because of increased lock contention. The more coarse the lock, the higher the likelihood that the lock will prevent an unrelated process from proceeding. Conversely, using a good granularity increases the overhead of the locks themselves but reduces lock contention. Granular locking where each process has to hold multiple locks from a set of locks can create subtle lock dependencies. This subtlety can add the chance that a programmer will unknowingly introduce a deadlock.

    Originally, computer monitors were applied for data processing while television receivers were used for entertainment. From the 1980s onwards, computers have been applied for both data processing and entertainment, while televisions also have implemented some computer functionality. The common aspect ratio of televisions, and then computer monitors, has changed from 4:3 to 16:9.

    Some monitors can switch themselves off after a time period on standby.

    Most modern laptops offer a method of screen dimming after periods of inactivity or when the battery is in use. This increases battery life and reduces wear.

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