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    If you're like many Android users, your device's mobile SD card contains some unnecessary duplicate files that may take up a lot of space: mp3 files with different names, for example, or redundant backups made by the device's backup assistant, or many copies of android app with random names but the same content, it's difficult to distinguish them one by one.

    With Search Duplicated File, an Android smart utility app, you can locate and remove these duplicate files on your Android device easily and accurately! It will free up a lot of storage space on your Android device! And it is the first Android app used to search for duplicate files!

    >>> Features:

    * OneClick to search and select.
    * Specify path/size to search for.
    * Support searching photo/audio/video or custom file.
    * Support searching hidden file.
    * Support internal/external SD card.
    * Support previewing photo/apk/storage.
    * Notify you when a search complete.
    * Search results are grouped by file size.
    * View file content before delete/exclude it.
    * Batch select/deselect files/groups.
    * Batch delete/exclude files/groups.
    * Batch expand/collapse groups.
    * Save/load search results

    >>> Usage Tips:

    * Each result group contains both original file and duplicate files, please deselect at least one file as original file!
    * Long click folder chooser/result list to get more operations.

    >>> Q&A:

    * Why do I need this app?
    When you repeat download a file from network, or repeat receive a file using Bluetooth, or copy a file to another folder but forget to delete the original, duplicates files is produced. The duplicates occupy a lot of Android storage space, it will slow down your file searching speed and prevent you download more Android apps or MP3s.

    * How to use?
    Step 1. Specify folders to search for(Optional).
    Step 2. Specify file extension and/or size limit in "Settings"(Optional).
    Step 3. Click "Search" or "OneClick" button.
    Step 4. After a search is complete, select unnecessary files for each result group.
    Step 5. Delete the selected files.

    * What is OneClick?
    OneClick is an operation that help you to do search and selection, it does not delete, so after this operation is complete, please check search results carefully, then do deletion operation by clicking on the "Delete Selected Files" button.

    * How to recover deleted files?
    DO NOT copy any files to your Android device storages now!
    Step 1. Connect your Android device to your PC.
    Step 2. Install a PC recovery tool on your PC, such as Easy Recovery( and Final Data("
    Step 3. Follow the help documents of recovery tool to recover your deleted file.

    * Can't see external SD card?
    External SD card no file or mounted as a subfolder of internal.
    Invalid file /system/etc/vold.fstab, send vold.fstab file to me.

    >>> Purchase:

    Please visit below markets to purchase the paid app, sorry for the inconvenience.

    * Amazon:

    * China Mobile MM:

    >>> Bugs:

    Please send your requirement/questions via email before low rating,, thanks in advance!

    >>> Thanks:

    * Mount issue. Thanks to Darrell Snedeker.
    * External SD card. Thanks to Adam Glass, Brian Nelson.
    * Many thanks to Ted Moyer.
    * Thanks to Jim Cramer, 淡空醉花.
    * Thanks to Grzegorz Lasek.

    >>> Keywords:

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