SMS is still the most reliable and easy accessible service for sending information from one person to another.

    With this application you can send SMS with your location information - address and coordinates(Longitude, Latitude) to multiple recipients.
    It could be useful when:
    - you want to send periodical information about your location to somebody
    - cases of emergency
    - to find lost phone
    - to mark the location of point of an interest sending SMS from there

    There are two modes - AUTOMATIC and MANUAL.

    In AUTOMATIC you press , type phone numbers of the recipients,type the automatic message text (50 chars max) and define the timer(days:hours:min) and max number of SMS. Then press to save the settings. Then after enabling automatic send the application will send SMS periodically to predefined contacts.

    In MANUAL you can type text (50 chars max) and push button and send SMS to predefined list of contacts.

    The format of the SMS is:
    "[Your Message]
    ...Country, City, Street, Number...
    Link to Google Maps

    The recipient of SMS can click the Google Maps link and see the location or copy Latitude and Longitude values (in this case 42.6563,23.3755) in Google Earth or Google Maps and will find the location of the sender.
    The Accuracy of GPS fix can help in determining the reliability of the location.
    IMSI and IMEI can provide further information in tracing the sender.

    In order to allow application to use GPS set in
    Settings> Location and security> Use GPS satellites ON.

    In order to save battery GPS is switched on/off when you switch MANUAL SEND on/off.
    In AUTOMATIC mode GPS is switched on several minutes before the send of the message.

    The maximum length of the SMS depends on the alphabet used. The length varies between 160 and 70 symbols.
    The app shows in how many parts the SMS will be sent. Try to keep it one part since your operator may charge additionally for multi part SMS.

    Tips and tricks:

    Make sure you have good GPS reception before pushing [Send Now] button. The location information that is sent is what you see on the main screen of application. It might be outdated if the GPS reception is not good.

    At the start of the application GPS is turned on in order to get recent coordinates. If you want to switch GPS off click MANUAL SEND on and then off.

    You can put your phone number at the end of the predefined contact list. In this way if SMS service has some delay you'll know when the SMS has arrived to other recipients.

    In AUTOMATIC mode you can postpone sending of an SMS turning AUTO SEND OFF and then ON again. Then the sending cycle will restart.

    Notification icon is visible only in AUTOMATIC SEND mode

    The initial configuration of AUTO SEND is 1 SMS after 10 minutes to your own number. In order to test it enable AUTO SEND.

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