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    Secret Control is an Anti-theft, phone/tablet finder and a surveillance App with the following special features:

    1) Extensive feature set -: Lock screen protection, Motion Sense (Anti-theft alarm), SMS phone finder, Battery low notification, SIM removal/change notifications etc.
    2) Email notifications for all events (emails generated from your device account and can be disabled from app settings)
    3) Better privacy by generating emails from your own device account i.e. not saving images or any other information on third party servers
    4) Picture, Location and Email actions to protect your device against threats

    So people think they can try to unlock or mess around with your Android device in your absence and get away with it? Well, with Secret Control app they might have to think again. Secret Control app provides protection to your Android device in two ways i.e. via Lock Screen Protection and Motion Sense.

    Lock Screen Protection: On failed login attempts (customizable in app settings), the Secret Control app takes picture from the front facing camera and reports the user with the picture and the device location via an email and also saves the images and location data on the phone for later reference.

    Motion Sense: Have you ever wondered that someone is trying to access your phone in your absence? If you would like to catch the culprit in the act of stealing your phone Motion-sense anti-theft alarm is for you. Once activated you can leave your device alone and Secret Control app will ring alarm, take picture from front facing camera and report location of the device via the email when someone tries to move/pick-up your device. There is also a silent mode if you do not want the alarm to ring.

    Wait we have more! Have you ever lost your Android device or misplaced it in silent mode? Now you can send a SMS with user set PIN to your phone and Secret Control app will ring your phone with loud volume and report the device location to your email. Secret Control app also provides protection against Battery drain and SIM removal by reporting the user with the device location to help user find the device. Secret Control app takes customizable input for failed unlock attempts, low battery level, SMS pin etc. For easy access to new events, Secret Control app provides a home screen notification widget.

    Some of the key features of the Secret Control app include -:
    1) Extended lock screen protection with Camera
    2) Motion-Sense anti theft alarm
    3) Email notifications from your device account.
    4) Customizable failed password attempts, low battery level, SMS pin etc.
    5) SMS pin to phone to make it play your ringtone in loud and send device location via email
    6) Battery low email notification
    7) SIM removal email notification
    8) Home screen widget to notify of new events/security threats
    9) Notification in app for password changes
    10) Vibrate device for failed logins beyond the snapshot event

    and many more exciting features to come...

    Read and write to Disk: To save images in persistent storage for displaying in App
    Accounts: For easy setup of user email address, authenticating and using device account email address to send notification emails in the App
    Phone boot complete: To detect SIM change/removal
    Read Phone State: To read and email your device unique ID (Phone Identity)to help track when stolen/misplaced.
    Modify Audio Settings: To make the phone ring in loud even in silent Mode when custom SMS is received
    Access Network State: For ads
    Vibrate: To vibrate device after failed logins beyond the Snapshot event
    Prevent phone from sleeping: To detect motion

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    Disclaimer: This software does not provide any guarantee of any kind. Majesticapps Co will not be responsible for any damages or any additional costs incurred directly or indirectly by this software and user should use this software at their own risk.

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