Secret Screenshot!

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    Ever want to secretly take screenshots? This is the app to do it! It allows you to take screenshots in two way:

    1. If you have a rooted phone of any version, then it can automatically take the screenshot for you.
    2. If you have a phone that is 4.1 or above, you can take manual screenshots!

    This app is more than just a simple screenshot app, this app allows you to circumvent any screenshot detecting apps! Check it out!

    To use, simply open the app (or it's counter-part, "Instant Screenshot!, which just instantly take the screenshot of the underlying screen), and click "Let's Start!" The app will disappear and place itself in the notification bar. Navigate to whatever you want to take a picture of, then pull down your notification bar and click the app. It will appear that nothing has happened, but if you take a screenshot of this or press your menu button, a secret screenshot will be saved!

    Have fun!

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