Sector Screen Locker




    Click the lock icon in the locked screen, a sector appears. Use the pointer to choose how to unlock screen.

    - App shortcuts support
    - Various background pictures
    - A time and date display
    - Sound and vibrate effects
    - For Android system only

    Functions of Sector Screen Locker
    There is a sector in the locked screen, you will find it by clicking the lock icon. A pointer comes out, too. You can use the pointer point to the shortcuts in the sector to unlock. For instance, if you pointed to the shortcut for message, it is for unlock screen and open the message box at the same time. When you want to send a message, just point to it though this app in the locked screen, and then you can write the message at once.
    Except for these functions, you still can open and close some other programs in the locked screen. Have you seen the arrow in the top right corner? Pull it down, and you will see the icons for wifi, Bluetooth, airplane mode and GPS. Press the icons to open and close them. GPS icons might be not useful in some cell phones.
    Anyway, you have to open the main interface of Sector Screen Locker to turn it on. Well then, you can pick the background picture there. In system background, the wallpaper will be used as the locked screen background. It is different in custom background, this app provides some beautiful pictures so that you can choose one of them as the locked screen background.

    Please give this free app five stars if you like it. Thanks for your support, it is very important to us!