Security guard alarm application for Android devices. Making various alerts according to the sensors, events and user preferences.

    * Android device can be secured and locked, with unlocking by the password (remember well!).
    * For guarding mode start you have the adjustable time: you may plug it in for a recharge, or just leave it alone, after guard mode start, sure.

    If any one without your agreement:
    * touchs the device (option)
    * pulls the power adapter out (option)

    the application warns that the device is under protection and there are several seconds to move it back.

    Other guardian and alerting finctions:
    * automatical guard mode after some time
    * alert sound track option
    * camera shooting, face one by default, sure (photo viewing by the "Log" menu)
    * alerting period
    * sleeping mode prevention
    * kiosk mode, blocking the device

    Email me if any new functions and options are interesting to add.

    Shareware: application works full-functional within a limited time period without registration.

    WARNING: You must be sure that able to remember the password well, noting the capital letters and small. Otherwise, unblocking the device may be not so easy problem, up to full factory reset or re-flashing the ROM firmware.

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