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    SendText shares text to any app that can receive text — Highlight, copy, paste, speak or type first -- Select destination later

    ✓ Need to store a note but don't want to get sidetracked searching for the app it goes in?
    ✓ Want to forward a message to a friend but lost track of which app you talk on?

    SendText is the solution to your confusion!

    With SendText you can share text from any app directly to your favourite apps or frequent contacts in a single tap. Copy / paste not required!

    Copy any text to the clipboard and a notification will appear showing the copied text.
    Tap the notification to share the text to any app or favourite contact * —Task completed!

    Select some text to get the Text Selection Toolbar * — do NOT press copy!
    From the toolbar's menu, select SendText and a list of your frequent apps and contacts will appear.
    Select the destination for your text and the appropriate app will appear with your text pre filled.
    You only need to hit send or save — Done!
    * Text Selection Toolbar and Direct Sharing to favourite contacts on Android Marshmallow 6.0 or higher

    Add the SendText tile to your Quick Settings ** to send text without even leaving the app you're in.
    Tapping the tile will open a notification in which you can paste or type your text.
    Choose what you want to do with the text to instantly get directed to your destination.
    Verify that your text has been processed — Mission accomplished!
    ** Quick Settings tile on Android Nougat 7.0 or higher

    ★ Free — money back guaranteed
    ★ Quick — don't waste time searching through unused apps or contacts
    ★ Easy — you'll get the hang of it instantly
    ★ No advertisements — you won't get brainwashed
    ★ No background activities — won't slow down your system
    ★ No dangerous permissions — does not track your location or read personal data
    ★ Occupies only 54kb of memory space — about 5% of one picture

    Made with ♥ by an independent developer on evenings and weekends — please send feedback!
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    Mat Cilik

    by Mat Cilik

    Sep 30, 2016  |  "Awesome"

    What i wonder with android devices, even with ones that have tons of gb of ram memory, is that its hard to have just any app i want. I found highlight and share or copy paste here, one task done

    Google 用户

    by Google 用户

    Sep 19, 2016  |  "Awesome"


    Felipe Cantu

    by Felipe Cantu

    Oct 12, 2014  |  "OK"

    Is good

    Bree Young

    by Bree Young

    Oct 03, 2014  |  "OK"

    Every time I download it won't work.. I tried 5 times but it won't let me see or text? plz help me!

    Marty Williams

    by Marty Williams

    Jul 24, 2014  |  "Good"


    jaya halasi

    by jaya halasi

    Jun 30, 2014  |  "Poor"

    no longer works with current android versions.