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    SendLog is a diagnostic tool. It will send the log file and a process list from your phone to an email.

    This is useful to send to the developer of an application in case it crashes or otherwise misbehaves.

    *** It is only possible to read log files on Android version 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and later if your phone is rooted. ***

    *** As of version 2.0, developers can embed SendLog into their own apps to add the ability to send logs. ***

    You can choose any of the formats that logcat supports. The default and recommended format is "time".

    It will add the output of "top" to the email. This shows the list of processes and the amount of CPU they are using.

    You can create a home shortcut where you can specify the destination email, format and email client.

    You can send to any app that supports attachments, such as Gmail, Dropbox, Skype, etc. Note that other applications such as Facebook, Twitter, etc will also be listed, but you should not choose any of these because they cannot handle attachments.

    SendLog works with all Android versions and all phones and tablets. It will not truncate the log file. The log file is also stored as a text file on the root of the SD card, or the app folder if there's no SD card present.

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