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    Set Silent Mode And Time

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    Have you ever missed an important Call, because you had set your Phone to Silent Mode?

    Or have you ever missed an important Call, because you forgot to set your Phone Back to Normal Mode, after you had set it to Silent Mode?

    Never again!

    When you do not want to be disturbed;
    Use this Simple App to Set your Phone to Silent Mode, and it will automatically reset it back to Normal Mode after a certain Time (which you specify). AND it will still let Important Calls through. AND it can optionally Send Fixed SMS Text Messages to Unanswered Calls.

    This App can be used to enable your mobile's Silent Mode through a Simple and Friendly Interface, and automatically return it to Normal Mode.


    With one Touch (after you have started the App) you can enable Silent Mode on your Phone.

    With a few touches, you can determine how long your Phone will stay Silent.

    Useful for

    - Meetings
    - Visits at the cinema
    - During the night
    - Doctors on call through the night
    - Business owners that must answer, no matter what time it is
    - Parents with teenage kids out on the weekend

    This App switches your Phone to Silent Mode, where the Ringer is Off. Notification Sounds for incoming SMSs and Emails are also Muted.

    If you want some Important Numbers to be able to Call you - even when you have Set your Phone on Silent - you can optionally specify some Phone Numbers which can come through anyway - either by Ringing or by Vibrating.


    - Extremely Easy to use
    - One touch to enable Silent Mode
    - Mute (i.e. Silence) your Phone’s Ringer and Notification Sounds for the required/preset Time
    - Silent Time can be set to any value (within 24 hours)
    - When the preset time expires, the Phone is automatically reset to Normal Mode
    - The Set Silent Time Period is saved, and can be reused later
    - The Vibrator can be set On or Off, also after the Silent Mode has been enabled
    - Option to play a Notification Sound when the Phone returns to Normal Mode
    - No additional Battery Consumption (as there is no Service continuously running in the forground or background)
    - Options to select 24 hour Time format
    - Optional Exceptions: Let Special/Important Incoming Calls Vibrate and/or Ring
    - Option to Send SMS Messages to Unanswered Calls (all Calls, or just some Selected Numbers)
    - Extensive Help Text, with FAQs
    - Also useful for Tablets, to Mute Notification Sounds for Incoming Emails and Messages


    - Start (i.e. Open) the App
    - Click on “Set Silent Mode”

    That’s it.
    If you want to change the Silent Time Period, first click on “Silent Time”.

    After the Silent Time Period has expired, the phone automatically returns to Normal Mode.

    Permissions required:

    - INTERNET : Used to receive the Ads
    - READ_PHONE_STATE: Used to detect Incoming Calls
    - SEND_SMS: Used to optionally Send SMS Messages to Unanswered Calls
    - RECEIVE_SMS: May be added later

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