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    Setting Ringtone is a free app that help you set a new ringtone easily. We prepared you many ringtone file in the app syatem. There are over 60 different ringtones in it, I bet you must can find some tone which can attract your attention and would like to set them as your ringtones! In the app system, we classified the ringtone into seven type according the tone style! You can search the lively tone, terror tone and fresh tone in the system!And every type has more than ten ringtone in it.
    I know there must some beautiful mp3, or wma song in your mobile, and you might enjoy the songs in your mobile auto player. Now you can also set them as your ringtones! Just choose file from Sd card, you can set them as your call ring or other ringtones.
    There are many ring need to set and you must set them one by one in traditional ring app. But in this app, you can set the call/phone ring, notification ring and alarm ring at one time! You need not enter the app respectively to set one by one. Only one step, you can set all of them down! There are three buttons on the bottom of the home page, they are call, alarm, and notification. Press one of them to set corresponding ringtones.

    There are also many other functions in this app, read the following words, you will love it much:
    1.Free ringtone app for all people whop what to set new ringtones.
    2.Choose file from system. There are more than 60 different ring in the system and all of them are classified into seven types. Press them you can set as you like.
    3.Choose file from SD card.Find the audio file in your SD card file list. Press the file, you can set it as your own ring or have an audition.
    4.Set three kind of ring at one time. You can set the call tone, alarm tone and notification tone in this app at one time which may save you many steps.
    5.You can have a audition with the music player on your mobile before setting them as your tone.
    6.Join list means you have set them as your ring successfully.
    7.Set the volume of the ring you have set. You can also set the multimedia volume in this app. Press the volume icon in the setting page, you can see the accurate size in detail.
    8.Set the mobile mode/profile in four choices. You can set it ring only, vibrate only, silent and so on. All depending your own choice.
    9.If you have some question, please tell us with about button. If you think it is good, please give me stars or send me encouragement words. Thanks very much!

    It is ring setting app which offer you many free ring resources. The number of the app is large and you must can find one you love most. The most great thing is you can set three rings at one time. If you do not like the file offered you, you can download file into your SD card and then set them as you ring!

    A ring tone maker allows the user to take songs from their personal music collection, select whatever section they like most and send lovely file to their mobile phone. Files could be sent to the mobile phone by direct connection (e.g., USB cable), Bluetooth, short messaging or e-mail.
    When someone buys ringtones, an aggregation (company that sells ringtones) either creates tune belongs to themselves or mixes together a pre-existing one. After the ringtone was created, it is put into a great file format and sent to the person’s phone through SMS. If the company uses pre existing songs, they should pay royalties to the person who create the song. The owner of the song doesn’t get all money; a significant portion is given to the cell phone provider.s
    There were variety of websites that let users make ring tones from the digital music or other sound files; they upload directly to their mobile phone with no limit on the number of songs that uploaded.

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