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    now modified(and optimized) work with NEO Arc Play X10 X8 LG Optimus Speed Samsung Galaxy Motorola Milestone and maybe others ...

    Need ***ROOT*** AND maybe ***Custom Kernel***

    newest Version switches reliable in the A2DP profile when music is played via Bluetooth. to prevent drop outs and stutter in the music playback!

    set voltages on
    /proc/overclock/ mpu_opps
    /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/ vdd_levels

    !!!HowItWorks !!!
    1. Create one or more Profiles
    2. Select one of these Profiles as Powersaving profile, witch is automaticly set if battery drops below the selected limit.
    3. Pull down the notification bar click the SetXperia Icon and select a Profile ON-THE-FLY i.e. powersaving while browsing or Overclocking while gaming i.e. FPSE ;)

    Overclocking Undervolting Tool for Sony Ericsson Neo.
    Save Akku Power and set CPU Scaling to minimum while Screen is Off.

    Set Profile on Low Battery
    Set Profile on Screen Off

    With setvsel you can set Vsel OnDemand or Performance
    it include a stability test to ensure you settings are stable

    Includes System Tweaks like:
    -Set sdCard readahead KB ("/sys/devices/virtual/bdi/179:0/read_ahead_kb")
    -Set VM Min Free Memory ("vm.min_free_kbytes")
    -Remount Storage with NoAtime on Boot
    -Systeminfo like cpuspy
    -profiles like setCpu, NoFrills CPU Control
    -voltages like IncrediControl

    updated version 1.02:
    -implemented "remount with noatime"

    updated version 1.03:
    -added systeminfo into menue

    update version 1.08:
    -option to save & restore settings to sdCard

    update version 1.10:
    -now shows all governors and all schedulers
    -notification on "values not save" condition (when setxperia applies values at boot, it marks this vales "save" after 30sec. to prevent boot loops)

    update version 1.18:
    -new tool "moduleloader" can load kernelmodules like cifs.ko or usb-storage.ko on startup ;o)

    update version 1.22:
    -new Magnetic Field CarDock activator (use standart CarMode)

    update version 1.23:
    -added a Volumecontrol to longpress Searchbutton (i changed my keylayout to get a free hardwarebutton for FPSE ;o) )

    update version 1.24:
    -still shows batt% info (the notify is only updated on batt change)
    -new design of CPU Icon (white bars on transparent background)
    -profileeditor has now a rangebar for min/max cpu (this prevent from setting low max as min)
    -a few perfomance tweaks and fixes

    update version 1.26:
    -this version remounts sdcard with 'noatime' (if selected in settings) when phone is disconnected from PC

    update version 1.32:
    -bugfix for phones with OMAP3 processors like Motorola Milestone, Milestone 2, Droid, Droid 2 Global, Droid X, A853/A854, XT701/XT702, XT711, XT720, XT800/XT800W, Defy, Flipout, Samsung Galaxy Beam, Galaxy A, Archos Tablet A70 A101

    update version 1.36:
    -added a "load current" button in voltage editor
    -added hires icon for ICS
    -put volumecontrol into a scrollview for small displays

    update version 1.40:
    -added the option to create swapfile (/sdcard or /cache) @ boot

    update version 1.48:
    -added the option to set swappiness for swapfile

    update version 1.50:
    -execute /sdcard/ at boot

    update version 1.52:
    -added option to edit /sdcard/ on board.
    -added zram support
    -added support for
    for tegra voltage control

    update version 1.57:
    -you can use now zRam and Swap the same time (if your kernel support this) zRam get the higher priority!

    update version 1.58:
    the new version supports the following actions:

    profilename is in -> intent.getStringExtra("profile");

    this is to switch OC profiles from SmartQRTags but should also work from other apps i.e. Tasker

    update version 1.61:
    -added chargecontrol if "/sys/kernel/fast_charge" exist

    update version 2.00:
    -updated GUI

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