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    Have you ever noticed that if your headset is plugged into your android phone the ringtone and all notification sounds are delivered only in the headphones itself? What happen if you've just meet someone and leave your earphones to talk with him without unplug the earphones? Simple, you cannot realize that a new call/message/notification is incoming!
    Well, **SFF:AutoRingSelector** can help you! This utility recognizes the plugin of the headset and it sets your ringtone profile as vibration mode and once you unplug the earphones, the ringtone returns the one setted before!
    You can also setup the default media volume to set up when the headset is plugged/unplugged, to prevent any shock to your ears.
    That's not all: **SFF:AutoRingSelector** is also able to manage the plug/unplug of the power supply, disabling vibration ringtone and notification, setting instead the normal/silent mode to avoid mobile phone to walk away and crash on the floor while charging.

    ##How To Use
    Just download and run SFF:AutoRingSelector.
    The configuration is very simple. There are only a togglebutton, two sliders, three checkboxes and a radiogroup:
    *The toggle button activates or deactivates the status of the service and turn on or off SFF:AutoRingSelector
    *The sliders control volume when the headphone jack is plugged in and unplugged.
    *If the "Auto" checkboxes are checked SFF:AutoRingSelector will not change the media volume when the audio jack is plugged/unplugged
    *The last checkbox and the radiogroup manage settings for the event of powersupply. It's possible to activate/deactivate the listener of the event and specifies the ringtone profile to setup instead of vibrations.

    Once setted it up just press "Done": the app will run a small service in the background and will start automatically everywhen the phone is started.

    To report an issue, you can contact us on

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