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    The Shake and Alert aka Emergency Alert App is designed to enhance your safety at any time and anywhere by sending sms on mobile shake with your approx location in any emergency situation. There is no easier way to ask for help as Shaking the phone, Shake and Alert lets your phone act like an emergency alert. After you shake the phone your phone will generate Emergency Alert message, fetch your location using the best network provider of your phone and send this Emergency Alert to your contacts from pre selected contacts list (Maximum three contacts). Shake and Aler app is also adding latitude and langitude within SMS message to help your contacts to get your location in other ways also, in case app fails to fetch address. This is the application that you and your near & dear ones must have on their android smart phones just like OC spray. your contacts will get sms sent by you even if they do not have "Shake and Alert" installed on their phone.

    This Emergency Alert app also have some extra functionality like initiate call to one selected contact, click photo and email to pre selected emailID, vibrate and sound on shake.

    Shake and Alert provides a very easy way to send alert in case of any emergency.
    Features in "Shake and Alert":
    1) Shake mobile to send alert sms to selected contacts. Alert sms in configurable (either automatic OR with confirmation).
    2) Shake mobile to call to pre entered contact.
    3) Shake mobile to click photo and send in Email.
    4) Set customized alert message i.e. "I'm going to give birth", "Help me, I am in trouble", "I m in an emergency situation" etc.
    5) Import Contacts from your mobile SIM and phone.
    6) Enable Sound and Vibrate confirmation on shake.
    7) SMS alert configuration, whether sms is automatic OR with confirmation.
    8) Set shake intensity, User can set their own phone shake intensity to avoid false alarms.
    9) Select testing mode to make sure all the Settings are correct before actual use.
    10) Real time location detection and Reverse geocoded address lookup on shake.

    Instructions on how to use:
    When you first launch the app use below steps before start:
    1) Goto "Select Contacts" screen by clicking 'Contacts' Icon from Home page and import/add contacts to which you would like to send SMS in case of emergency (Only three contacts).
    2) Goto set default message screen by clicking 'Message' Icon from Home page and Set Default Message.
    3) Activate Service by clicking 'Start Service' Icon from Home page.
    4) Run application in test mode by clicking "Shake Testing" from settings to make sure all the Settings are as per your convenience.
    5) Make sure to uncheck "Test mode" before actual use.

    Note that we do not collect/store any user information at all

    Terms to use:
    We have developed this application to enhance your safety in case of emergency and did our best to make the app work in the best manner possible, but Neither the developers nor Google will be responsible if the application fails to send the alerts or mapping errors. It is a supplemental aid only.

    We do not collect/store any user information at all.

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