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    Changing your phone's brightness setting has never been easier. Instead of exiting your app and going back to your home screen or setting your brightness from within the Android display settings menu, simply give your phone a shake and your display becomes brighter.

    The Shake Brightness app allows you to increase your display brightness ANY time the display is on, in the middle of any application, even while the phone is ringing. Imagine never having to struggle to see the incoming caller display when your phone is ringing just because you happen to be in a brighter environment.

    Installation is simple. There is no configuration or calibration required. Shaking the phone for the first time will set the display to maximum brightness. Repeating the shake procedure a second time will return the display to its original brightness setting. You may never need to go to your display menu or press brightness widgets ever again!

    Instructions for use:
    Step 1: Turn the display FACE DOWN and hold it steady for 2 seconds.
    Step 2: Shake phone side to side

    The reason for the first step of turning the display face down and holding it steady is to reduce false detections. One of the biggest complaints of other apps that use only the shake functionality is that the phone will detect shaking if you are in a moving vehicle, moving the phone around, or are simply taking it out of your pocket. Adding the requirement of having the display face down for two seconds before shaking increases reliability and virtually eliminates false triggers.

    Note: After installing this program, be sure to run the app from your app drawer. This one-time procedure will initialize and set up the application for use on your phone.

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