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    "Shake Me Lock Me" locks your phone via shaking.

    No Adds! Application is totally free, clean and neat.

    ★★ About ★★

    You can lock your phone just with a shake.
    You don't need to press the power button to lock the screen.
    When you shake the phone, screen will be off and keys will be locked.
    Application notifies you with a vibration whenever it's locked by shaking.

    ★★ Benefits and Features ★★

    1 - You can uninstall application inside the application with one click.
    2 - No advertisements; No viruses; No Paid Versions
    3 - You can fine tune your shake gesture with these parameters;
    - Minumum movement force
    - Minumum times of direction movement
    - Maximum pause between direction change
    - Maximum duration of shake
    4 - It's battery-friendly; Uses minumum hardware resources to save your battery.

    ★★ Before You Use ★★

    Even it's taken into account the mimumum shake movements;
    While you are adjusting shake sensibility, bear in mind that too sensitive shake gestures will rock you to open the phone.In this case, restart your phone and open "Shake Me Lock Me" to stop the service.
    And then you can re-adjust your shake sensibility options.

    Note: In order not to cause any inconvenience while you are in a call all shakes will be dismissed!

    ★★ Device Administrator ★★

    When you start the application for the first time, click the button in the middle of the screen.
    It'll ask you to enable "device administrator". Press "Activate" button.
    If you activate it; "Shake Me Lock Me" will be granted to lock your phone otherwise an application
    can not lock the screen without this permission.

    ★★ Uninstall ★★

    You can uninstall the application within the application. Open "Shake Me Lock Me", click "Options" button. In the uninstall section press the "Uninstall Application" button. It'll completely delete the application and remove the "shake to lock" feature from your device.

    ★★ Donation ★★

    If you love the application, you can donate via
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