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    Shake secretly recording high-quality tape recorder to record important moments Shake, Shake and the application is able to save. = = 1 Simple usage seconds. 'Start' button when you click on the background service is ready to record. 2. Now I'm ready! Feel free to turn off the cell phone screen. 3. (The recording you wish to) 4 seconds long vibration and shaking again Vung ~ ~ ~ ~ come and starts recording. 4. (The recording you wish to exit) 4 times, once every second shake a whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh ~ vibration is coming later. (Save the really need to shake the 'End' buttons to dial are saved ^ ^) Just remember! Start recording the vibration exit save the whoosh whoosh recording ~~~~~, ~ ~ whoosh whoosh whoosh ~ ~ save a file from the phone's default music player eopeulin play, delete, or e-mail will be sent. (Music player for the Galaxy in the file, we find the 'Play List -> recently added music,' look at the most recently recorded music is easy to find the best on the show.) Files recorded on a computer when checking your phone's default folder / ShakeRecorder file in the folder: 2011y-5m-8d-10h-22m-33s-ShakeRecorder are stored in this way. (Year - month - day - when - minutes-ShakeRecorder) GOM Player, and then pot the player, kmp player can play both. = ShakeRecorder own strengths = 1. Start of recording and storing all of the features button on the screen without using kijiango shaking alone can control. (Can be hidden easily and quickly record) 2. Pagoda Park, the pigs in the mood pe soup and rice wine enough to shoot them so easily be the coolest city minute Poppy also be available soon enough to see easy to use. 3. Undertone too sensitive and accurate capturing high-quality luxury Luxury gomingam HQ eonbilribeobeul Amazing Perfect Sound Recorder can write in a critical situation because. 4. Call recording can also do this when you = use = 1. When one thing is important (trading Pokemon cards, Yu-Gi-card transactions, danggujukppang, a lot of money trading, trading of expensive stuff, girlfriend or boyfriend bought a lottery as you are referring me to marry deungdoemyeon record breaking, car accident, when jjajangmyeon .. I told him to bring a lot of pickles can give him so little .. recordings crap) 2. I say to the boss at work, a lot of harassment and longevity forsythia hit jjajjeung ssiberiah nanjawansseu jjajangmyeon buldal ten times the exhaust twigimmandusseobisseu spicy cocktail Day, 3. Supervisor or colleagues at work as evidence of the crime by planting birina paeryun baby duck meat dishes do not fuck pigs cool dining table when you want to subvert the job dwieopdeutyi 4. 5 When you have negative comments quickly. Are not you sleepy to concentrate on lectures, meetings have recorded over six if you want to hear it again in the future. During the recording, call recording when you want to start shaking b b 7. My boyfriend is going to buy handbags at a later date Bluff meongpum neungeo secretly recorded by floating the day before your birthday or anniversary day makes ... Do not do this for the. Most of these applications suikgeumjung of the Republic of Korea for the development of IT industry, working alone in one room office banjiha sonjoyi (SonJoy) Chairman of the convenience store bento ㅠ nowadays often used as a Chinese fried rice, but enough of them are used as cost. Developer Questions and paenreteoneun kakaohtok: sonjoy Email: ps application icon I painted this nice? ㅠ ㅠ (no money to hire designers ㅠ ㅠ)

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