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    Wake the device by one hand! No need push button!

    This app is the widget.
    Just simply shake the device which is in sleep state, it wakes and the screen turns to ON.
    And, depending on setting, this app is also able to skip the keygurd where it isn't locked by the password.

    [How to use]
    1. The way to start this app
    Create the widget of this app on the HOME.
    Then, shake the device at sleeping.
    The device will wake.

    2. The way to end this app
    Delete the widget of this app from the HOME.

    3. The way to start settings
    Click the app icon or the widget icon.

    4. For battery save
    This app shifts to standby mode by the action of the proximity sensor (or the light sensor).
    So, for example, when not in use the device, put it in your pocket.

    Furthermore, this app has the sleep mode for more saving the battery. (Need to ON the checkbox at the settings screen, if you want to use it.)
    Note : When use the sleep mode, this app may be not able to sense shaking depending on a model of devices. If your device cannot sense the shaking, please use this app without the sleep mode.

    [Hardware requirements]
    1. The acceleration sensor is required.
    2. It is desirable that the device has the proximity sensor or the light sensor.
    Note: If the device has a light sensor only, the app may not work in the dark.

    1.This app access the network for License Verification.

    [Devices which used for a test]

    A redistribution of this application is prohibition.

    I do not assume any responsibilities of all acts that the user does with this software.
    I do not assume the responsibility in any damage that occurs in relation to the use of this software at all.

    shake screen on wake up

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