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    Share the addition is a bill splitter wich help you to share in easy and fast way costs you may have when you travel, drink some liquid in the cofee, go to restaurant... And this, with your friends, your customers and colleagues.

    Why this software ? Just because some nights or days it's difficult to find the good way to share the bill with other people. Besides the fact that you never remember who has paid what and when, and because some friends, customers, colleagues always think they have paid last time, each times, you need to know the thruth!

    So stop the misunderstandings! Enjoy!

    Rather than talk for hours about who will pay and how much, with "Share the addition", this operation only takes a few seconds and because no natural person takes a decision, everyone respects the choice of application.

    One participant had no money with him, or a limited budget, no problem, it may state the amount he wants to pay to settle the bill.

    The amount to be paid by the other participants will be automatically recalculated.

    You'll also be able to use the option "Split Fanzy" somehow apart from an invention on my part is a calculation rule which does not fairly share the bill, but according to a ratio manage self-discrepancies to be applied between the different participants. You can even act on this ratio in order to reduce the disparity between the different participants sums subject to and for each event.

    No more fear of dispute about who pays what is "Share the addition" that does it for you!

    Another advantage of "Share the addition " is that the application will provide statistics on:

    - Your friends
    - The best paying over the money they spent with you
    - The more collaborative as a percent of average participation of friends on different shares
    - The events for which you have spent the most
    - The places you frequent most often.

    This is to have a memory of who is sharer, who is stingy ...

    In fact, if you spend money with other, "Share the addition" is for you !

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