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    Shift To Unlock

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    This is a lock screen app. use it to lock/unlock your cell phone which is operating on the Android System.

    The method to unlock screen though this app:
    1) Open this app in Setting
    2) Turn off the cell phone screen by the Power button
    3) Shift the lock icon to unlock screen

    *Special Functions
    This app allows you to do something else except for unlocking screen. For instance, you can open and close Bluetooth by clicking its switch in the locked screen. Wifi and airplane mode switches are in the locked screen, too. The wifi switch will gone if you open the airplane mode.
    Unlock to the certain programs by shift its icon in the locked screen. In this app, you can shift the Phone icon and Message icon to unlock screen to make calls and write a new message.

    *Basic Functions
    Unlock screen
    Date and time display
    Cell phone battery

    This app is totally FREE.

    The introduction of Airplane Mode
    It is a setting available on many mobile phones and smartphones. When it is activated, it will suspend many of the device¡¯s signal transmitting functions, thereby disabling the device¡¯s capacity to place or receive calls or use text-messaging, so to wifi and Bluetooth. While it still permitting use of other functions that do not require signal transmission.

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