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    * Added the dress-up function since version 1.0.4.

    The way home from work and you will visit a supermarket.
    And it will loiter, in order to buy a required thing.
    You may think at such time, seeing the shelf of bread suddenly.
    "Is it better to buy bread today?"

    This app widget manages the remaining the slice of bread in your house.
    If you will install this app widget, you can know the remaining slice of bread in your home, always only seeing a HOME screen.

    Let's install this app widget and ensure an additional purchase of bread.
    "Should I buy bread today?" app widget is for a comfortable bread life,

    *** There is also the full version. Please try. ***

    ## How to use ##

    To start using this application, you need to add it on your home screen as a widget.
    Long press on your home screen and select "Widgets"

    The screen of a license check is displayed at the first time starting.
    Please tap of "agree" after checking the contents.
    Next, "Bread Setting" screen is displayed.
    Please choose the number of slice of the bread to be eaten on the first, push the "+" button for the remaining number of slice of the bread, and tap "Save" after a setup.
    When a girl's widget is displayed on your home screen, it is the completion of a setting.

    The number of slice of the bread which a girl teaches becomes fewer -- whenever one day will pass.
    The day when the number was set to "0" is a day whose bread is lost.
    Let's go to buy bread.

    If you will buy bread, please tap the girl widget, display a setting screen, and add the number of slice of the bread which you bought.
    The remaining number of slice of bread can be added with "+" button or "Add" button.

    ## About a girl ##

    A girl sometimes changes a figure.
    Change expression, pose...
    Occasionally she wears glasses.
    Only by a girl being in a HOME screen, every day may become pleasant only a few.
    Moreover, the girl can add to a two or more person HOME screen (there is no a little more than meaning).
    However, adding many widgets will apply load to a system.
    For this reason, when the widget more than fixed numbers is added, resolution is lowered and displayed automatically.
    If a picture becomes rude, let's reduce the number of girls.

    Dress-up function was added from Version 1.0.3.
    In addition to conventional random, every widget can set favorite clothes, hairstyle, those color by oneself.

    ## About timing of minus bread ##

    This widget confirms whether the date changed every 3 hours.
    When the date has changed from the checked last time, the remaining number of slice of bread is reduced according to the days which passed.

    ## Troubleshooting ##

    Even if it installs an application, when "Should I buy bread today" is not displayed on the list of widgets, please check again after rotating your phone or tablet like "vertical -> horizontal" on a HOME screen.
    When not still improved, sorry to trouble you, but please reboot your phone or tablet.

    The expanded widget in a screen shot is supported in the environment after Android 3.1.
    ** 2x2 size widget was supported since version 1.0.2 **

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