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    SICE AirGHz: the must-have Android application for Telecommunication professionals. AirGHz is a complete and powerful Software Suite for SICE devices end-users and all designers and operators in radiofrequency world. And it’s free!!

    AirGHz comes from SICE, a world leader in telecommunication manufacturing since 1980.

    AirGHz allows to:

    • Design, calculate, align radio links
    • Check the line-of-sight between sites, figuring the graph and the elevation profile. In order to see the graph of the feasibility of the link, each potential obstacle on the path and the Fresnel zone, you have only to enter the coordinate (you can import the google earth placemarks), the antenna height and link frequency.
    • Save the sites, figure them on a map, take notes. You can list the sites by name, by distance or recent selections. You can share data by e-mail. You can import your Google Earth placemarks (.kml or .kmz).
    • Design the radio link and compute the parameters : line-of-sight control, expected RX power level, path and rain loss, antenna gain, horizon line, dBm/mW and mW/dBm conversions. All results are sharable by e-mail;
    • Be updated on last SICE product news

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