An application created for sport amateurs and not only. The program collects pieces of information about the current position and speed of the user, allows to measure time with the usage of measurement segments. The results of the data collection are stored on a external SD memorycard. Build in charts can be used to display the speed measurements. Application also allows displaying traveled route on google maps. The *.CSV result files can be opened in spreadsheets (MS Office, OpenOffice), where the data can be presented in the form of charts.

    The program records the following values:
    - Current time presented on the screen
    - Latitude
    - Longitude
    - Altitude
    - Speed
    - Distance
    - The number of the measurement point (eg. track lap, measurement segment).

    The application supports the following speed units:
    - Kilometers per hour (KMH)
    - Miles per hour (MPS)
    - Knots (KNOT)
    - Feet per second (FPS)
    - Meters per second (MPS)

    Version 1.1.8:
    Fixed main window button scroll bug.
    Optimalized file reading time by 5%-15%

    Version 1.1.7:
    Added new feature: displaying route on google map

    Version 1.1.6:
    Added chart summary, within You can find:
    -max. speed
    -avg. speed
    -checkpoint times
    Resolved perfomance issue and speed up charts loading by 60-70%