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    The Evolution of Signal Tracking

    SigTrax, now with SigTrax+, makes signal tracking easy and fast.

    SigTrax combines the power and visual capabilities of Android with the accuracy and precision of GPS and mapping to enhance locating signal sources using the triangulation method.

    Using SigTrax, manually handling maps, plotting intersection points and determining a route to reach an intersection point is eliminated.

    SigTrax simplifies searching resulting in faster, more accurate searches for
    ham (amateur) radio fox hunts, locating signal interference (RFI) or power line noise, searching for an unlicensed (pirate) radio signal, tracking near-space balloon flights, locating transponders, wild life tracking, drone tracking and search and rescue missions.

    Check the SigTrax web site to discover the SigTrax difference. Be sure to explore the video series.

    SigTrax Feature Highlights:

    - Uses mapping, GPS and compass to create bearings to a target.

    - Bearings can be manually entered using coordinates and compass heading combinations.

    - Coordinates in Latitude/Longitude, UTM or MGRS formats.

    - Automatically creates Crosspoints where bearings intersect.

    - Crosspoint locations can be viewed with optional route map and directions.

    - Archive current map with all bearing lines for later recall or to track multiple targets.

    - Customised using Settings.

    - Complete user guide included.

    SigTrax+ Highlights:

    - Optional add on features creating a powerful signal tracking system..

    - TraxTeam - Team up with other trackers using both Android and IOS devices to cooperatively locate targets.

    - DataTrax - Import and plot real time tracking data from Doppler and other tracking devices. Requires BlueTooth adapter available from the SigTrax web store.

    - SigShare - Export Archive and TraxTeam bearings in KML format.

    Requires Android device with GPS and internet access to obtain map images.

    The compass heading feature can only be used with devices that contain a magnetic field sensor which some devices eliminate.
    SigTrax will work on these devices with the compass heading feature disabled.

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