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    Silent Call Escalate

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    Allow really urgent calls to become audible even in Silent mode, for example if you are sleeping and something important happens.

    Full app name: "Ring of Fire" Silent Call Escalate

    Like a magic, only important calls will pass through Silent mode and produce audible ringtone.
    This way you are not disturbed when you don't want to be disturbed, but you can still be reached when something urgent happens!
    This app smartly processes only important calls.
    It can be setup to work also in Vibrate and Sound ringmodes.

    App is designed to be:

    1. Robust — Reliable as a workhorse, it won't let you down when most needed.
    2. Lightweight — Seamlessly integrates with the system and doesn't use RAM.

    Imagine yourself desperately wanting to reach somebody by phone but there is no answer, either because the person is sleeping, simply forgot to turn the ringer tone on, or can't hear it because ring volume is too low. You would keep calling and calling — depending on how important reaching this person is for you. If it's important, you would've call many times in a matter of minutes.

    Ring Of Fire smartly recognizes this kind of situations, and enables audible ringtone for the incoming call it deems urgent, based on the preferences. You may want to be fairly easily reachable while asleep, or you may want only very, very important calls to disturb you from your peaceful activities.

    In order to test app functionality, please ask your friend to give you a few calls.

    Most of the time it may seem like the app does nothing — and most of the time it won't.
    It will "do nothing" by reliably waiting for the triggering event, an urgent call.

    A set-it-and-forget-it kind of app.

    Please take a moment to read the Help screen within the application, for more details.

    App can also be very useful to find the phone when you misplace it in your apartment, and it's Silent.
    Just give yourself a few calls for this app to kick in, and you'll hear your phone ringing from some corner. :)

    App size is only 70 kB, and it uses no system resources whatsoever. No Ads are displayed, and no funny permissions.

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