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    ■ Android camera application "SilentCamera" Service overview

    "SilentCamera" when shooting photos in a quiet place, surrounded as not to disturb
    The camera application is considered good manners.
    Shooting will be completed in about two seconds to turn off the shutter.
    When shooting is complete, the preview image is displayed, save, you can choose not to.
    The application does not start because the power consumption at all times.

    ■ Features

    Deluxe version features available to all.

    Depending on the model ※, may not support features.
    Before you install the paid version, please try to install the paid version if the free version can be taken.

    ①. Photography

    The shutter sound can be taken without a sound focus.
    You can take pictures by tapping the icon on the right screen shot of the first stage.
    After the tap, shooting is completed in about two seconds.
    When shooting is complete, the preview image is displayed, save, you can choose not to.

    ②. Flash function
    The icon on the right screen shot of the second stage can be set on or flash when shooting.
    The default is "OFF" has become, for each tap "ON / OFF / AUTO" can be switched. "Auto" is set to automatically determine the settings depending on the handset.
    To enable this feature to ON or auto focus should be on AUTO.

    ③. AF (Auto Focus) function
    The third row of icons on the right screen shot, you can set whether to auto focus when shooting.
    Auto focus is the ability to automate the camera's focus.
    The default is "ON" has become, for each tap "ON / OFF" switch can be.
    Autofocus is performed by pressing the shutter, focus on the correction will be completed shooting.
    ④. Shake Reduction function

    In the fourth stage of the icon screen shot right, you can set whether to give anti-shake.
    The Shake Reduction function and is caused by shaking the hands of the photographer, "the optical axis alignment," is the ability to compensate.
    The default is "ON" has become, for each tap "ON / OFF" switch can be.
    ⑤. Horizontal correction
    Gradient at the top left number in the recording screen you can see whether the slope is kept to a level of mobile devices. A number representing the horizontal gradient is 0.0.

    ⑥. Feature is automatically determined to take the side to take portrait / manual switching function
    Button at the top left corner shot, or can be set to take pictures in portrait or landscape shooting at.
    By default, "You can manually determine the aspect" has become, for every tap, "I judged this manual / fresh determination manual / auto detection" can be switched.
    Manually set to determine the immobilized capture screen.
    When set to auto-detect and switch automatically to the vertical and horizontal tilt the handset.
    ⑦. View Gallery
    The photo was taken is stored in the SD card. You can view a gallery of photos taken.

    ⑧Send a photo to social services.
    You can send the photo to twitter, facebook etc.

    Additional features of the next version scheduled for the following.

    - Cooperation with other applications
    - Automatic fire capability (continuous shooting)
    - Timer Function (* seconds after the shutter)
    - The ability effects (sepia negatives positives ..)
    - Zoom x10.0
    - Select a scene mode (macro motion fireworks night ..)

    ■ Contact Us
    Under the URL you have any questions or comments please ask.
    ※If you can not tap on the URL at the bottom of the page, "send an email to the developer, " please contact us.

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