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    It's a simple recorder that can record voice or calls in the background.After you click the record button,just quit the app but it will still keep Recording till next time you click the button again or to the longest time you set.

    Silent Recorder is being highly recommended by our users. One of our users is a woman who is suffering from family violence. She use our app to secretly record what’s happening in her house, and turn the recording to the police. Finally she get out of the horrible situation.

    It is designed for secret. Very simple, just one click, you can make it hidden in your phone. No one would ever notice its existence.

    And it is totally free to all Android users. It has been free for more than 2 years. And it will be free forever.

    1.Record voice or calls in the background.No signal in your screen!
    2. 3 Format Types
    3. Auto Save(Insure the files are created even the phone is shutdown or out of memory)
    4. Force Stop Button(Use it when you don't know whether it\'s recording or not.)
    5. It's optional to show the record signal.
    All the files are saved in the folder named \"silentR\" in your phone. Press the menu button to show the Options.
    If you don\'t know whether it\'s recording or not.Use force stop.
    Auto Save:It will save automatically in the given time.(This function could make sure the files are saved even the phone is shutdown or out of memory)
    Longest Time: Recording will stop when times up.It could work with the Auto Save.
    Calls Record: The files would be saved in folder PhoneCalls in silentR

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