Simple Battery Manager +Widget




    We know how frustrating low battery can be that's why we have created very Simple Battery Manager to help you in optimizing your device settings and easily stop apps that drain battery!
    Optimize your power saving with this Simple Battery Manager!

    Advanced simple battery manager gives you all information about your phone battery and it's status, detailed battery statistics and information, such as voltage, temperature, capacity, etc.
    Simple Battery Manager + Widget helps you to increase battery life and gives you full control of applications and services running on your phone.
    You can disable applications that drain your battery to significantly extend your battery life.
    Quick Settings help you to use your phones resources more efficient (better power saving, less battery consumption): adjust brightness, turn off Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, 3G to save more power.

    Now you can solve battery problems and extend your battery life by using this simple and wonder full feature Battery Manager app.

    The numbers given in Simple Battery Manager are approximations and will depend on different factors such as the way everyone uses their device.

    All permissions required by the app are necessary to handle Wifi, 2G, 3g, 4g mobile data, brightness level on your device and boost battery life by shutting them down when not using, and for disabling applications that drain battery.

    Feel free to contact us about any issues you have with Simple Battery Manager and we will try to fix them as soon as possible:

    Thank you for using Simple Battery Manager + Widget!

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