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    Completely FREE (no-ads) and doesn't require any unsafe permissions. Now supports phones and Android Wear watches!

    On your phone: Simply tap the question mark or shake and view the result. Tap the coin or shake to spin the coin again.

    On your watch: Say "Ok, Google. Start Coin Flip." Tap the question mark to spin the coin.

    Spinning coin animation, sound, text, vibration, shake-to-flip and coin type are all configurable via the Settings menu. Verify the flip algorithm is truly random by running the built-in Diagnostic Test and flipping the coin 100,000 times (or more) while watching the results in real-time. (Sorry, no cheating!)

    Add new coins from Google Play by clicking Settings -> Get More Coins.
    50 State Quarters:
    Australian Coins:
    2 Euro Coins:

    Open source app released under the GNU General Public License. Source code available here:

    Currently supports both English, Spanish & French translations. Send me an email if you would like to help translate this app into your native language.

    Quarter-dollar coin images from the United States Mint.

    === Version History ===

    v6.4.1: New material design icons!

    v6.4: Enhanced support for higher-resolution Android Wear devices, such as the Huawei Watch.

    v6.3.3: Fixed an animation bug when running on Android 5.1.

    v6.3.2: German translation courtesy of Michael Riepen.

    v6.3.1: Improved compatibility with Android Wear 5.0.1.

    v6.3: [a] Added Material theme for Android 5.0 (Lollipop) devices. [b] Automatically restart the app when adding new coins from Google Play so they are immediately loaded.

    v6.2.1: [a] Centered the layout on wearable devices. (This hopefully fixes a layout problem on the LG G Watch R). [b] Put wearable animation generation and data transfer on a background thread to speed up initial app load.

    v6.2: Optimized compiler options to shrink app from 3.6 MB to 2.3 MB.

    v6.1: Expansion packs now supported on Android Wear devices. The coin selected via your mobile device will be automatically transferred to your watch.

    v6.0: Experimental support for Android Wear! Flip a coin on your watch by saying "Ok, Google. Start Coin Flip."

    v5.5.3: French translation by Spanti Nicola (RyDroid). Thanks RyDroid!

    v5.5.2: Fixed layout issue when using non-English translations.

    v5.5.1: Improved Spanish translations (or so I've been told).

    v5.5: Fixed a rare condition where the animation thread would continue to run even when the app was paused.

    v5.4.1: Enhanced compatibility of the "Get More Coins!" search feature with Google Play filters.

    v5.4: New feature per request! The Diagnostic Test (previously known as Self Test) can now flip a user-configurable number of times. Configure this in the revamped Settings page.

    v5.3.2: Clearer coin flip sounds.

    v5.3.1: JellyBean menu icon tweaks.

    v5.3: [a] Added support for ICS Holo Theme and Action Bar. [b] Added a "Rate App" button to bottom of the About dialog.

    v5.2.1: Code fixes and cleanup.

    v5.2: Added statistics feature per user request.  This is disabled by default.  Enable this feature in the settings menu  to keep a running total of Heads vs. Tails.

    v5.1: Overall performance improvement. Optimized the way the coin animation is created which uses less memory and should prevent OutOfMemory errors when changing coins or switching screens.

    v5.0.1: Added support for flipping by tapping anywhere on the screen.

    v5.0: Added support for third-party add-in packs! Click Settings -> Get More Coins to download even more coins from the Android Market. More being added by a variety of developers all the time!

    v4.2.1: [a] Added a "Random Coin" option if the SCF Add-on Pack is installed. (Its at the bottom of the list.) [b] Rewrote the shake detection code to increase simplicity and performance. [c] Updated to ICS menu icons. [d] Enabled ICS hardware acceleration. [e] Miscellaneous code cleanup.

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