Simple Light

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    Sometimes you just need some light to do something while in the dark, So why fumble around with complicated on-screen controls and options that are of no help while in your situation..?


    Here is a simple utility to turn on the camera's flashlight, while blanking the screen, ie, A Torch!

    Start the app to turn the light on, exit the app with the device's HOME button or POWER button to turn the light off, There are no controls within the app itself.


    Fast light start-up.

    The Volume, Back and Menu buttons do nothing, so no accidental turning off of the light while handling the device.

    The device will stay on indefinitely while the app is running, so no timeouts.

    Only uses the Camera permission, no phone state or internet access required, therefore NO ADS!

    No pointless features like strobe, police lights or fancy on-screen graphics.

    Please try the free version first, The paid (this) version only removes the nag toast messages.

    Support is available at