Simple NMEA Monitor (Full)

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    Simple NMEA Monitor enables you to directly view the NMEA data coming from the GPS receiver in your Android device. You can also stop the monitoring and examine a full set of NMEA sentences in more detail. This app offers no further explanation - so you will have to check the meaning of the NMEA sentences by yourself. It is also not a GPS recorder - so you can only see and examine, what GPS data is coming from your GPS receiver.

    Multilanguage support: English, German

    Please don't rate or comment this app if you do not understand what it is good for. ;-)

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    This is the FULL version. Compared to the free version it offers the following additional features and settings:
    a) No advertising banner
    b) No permissions for internet access required
    c) Fullscreen display
    d) Additional color schemes (white on blue, green on dark grey)
    e) Filter for proprietary NMEA sentences (beginning with $P...)

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