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    SIMPLED: Flashlight + Compass

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    SIMPLED: Flashlight + Compass
    Simplest, fastest and brightest Flashlight with compass.

    SIMPLED is the simplest, fastest, and brightest LED flashlight application on the android market.

    SIMPLED is a must-have application with super-simple UI. It's even FREE!

    Are you planning to go Camping? Get SIMPLED First! SIMPLED can be used as a torchlight on outdoor. Or you can use SIMPLED as a lantern to find keyhole, And you can also use SIMPLED as a compass when your mobile network is not available.

    We found that most people uses their flashlight application only as a LED TorchLight. And we also found that most people hates their flashlight app because of slow performance.

    And we have founded one more thing. It is compass. Compass will help you to find directions, and stars. Be a Boy Scout again.

    So, we had mixed these two features. Fastest, brightest Flashlight + Compass. With super simple UI, in cool way our own. Design inspired by iOS7.

    Did we say? You don't need to pay for this application. Because this is FREE.

    - Using the LED flashlight. It is the Brightest, and Fastest way to use your android as a flashlight.
    - Support 6 steps of strobe mode. Use this on your daily life.
    - Support compass feature. Use SIMPLED as a compass when finding a direction, or the network is not available.
    - When you turn on SIMPLED, flashlight is on. When you turn off SIMPLED, flashlight is off. Very easy.
    - When you want to use SIMPLED for a long time, set display brightness to minimum. It will save your battery.
    - SIMPLED will evolve with your idea. When we got suggestions, we think how to adapt them.
    - Use SIMPLED more simple with home screen widget. Widgets will be updated on next release.

    Which things are possible with this super-bright LED flashlight?

    - When you are at outdoor in dark, you can use LED flashlight instead of lantern.
    - When the electricity is out, you don't have to find a lantern. You already have a brightest one in your hand.
    - When you want to be a boy scout again, you can use the compass of SIMPLED to find stars.
    - When you need to know directions in emergency situation, you can use compass of SIMPLED. It works when even mobile network is not connected.
    - Buy AD-free(in-app) and feel the faster SIMLED! It reduces data usage.

    The best flashlight app when you need fastest, brightest and useful. Very bright, include compass, and free.

    CAUTION: DO NOT aim strobe lighting or flash lighting to human's eyes directly. It brings fatal damage.
    CAUTION: DO NOT USE for too much time. It overstrains your device.

    If your Android doesn't have LED, you can't use this application.

    +Compatible with most of all Android Smartphones Flashlight.

    Glory to the GOD almighty.

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