SiteUp? Lite




    SiteUP? Lite is a Free app to keep an eye on your web site.
    Wherever you host your web site / web application there is always a chance of a down-time. A prolonged down time can adversely affect your business.

    SiteUP? Lite will monitor your website 24*7*365 and send you a push notification if your website goes down and also will inform you when it is back up again.

    With this app you can keep an eye on your web site's up time by following below steps:

    1. Install app on any Android Device.
    2. Visit our site and download a special tracking file from it
    3. Upload this tracking file into the root directory of your web site which you wish to monitor.
    4. Register your site within the app

    PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THE NAME OR THE CONTENT OF THE FILE. This app is totally depends on this file.
    If you delete file or change content of the file this app you may not monitor your site efficiently.

    This app will check your site every 20 mins. On second failure This app will send push notification.