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    "Sleep Cycle Calculator" is the paid Ad-free version of "Sleep Cycle Calculator", an application that calculates the best time for you to sleep by counting your sleep cycles.

    By counting in sleep cycles and incorporating how long it takes for you to fall asleep, this application determines when you should sleep and when you should wake up based on the average human sleep cycle. Humans naturally have multiple sleep cycles every night and it's during these sleep cycles that we are truly resting.

    If we wake up in the middle of one of these cycles, we will feel groggy and much more tired than normal because we have interrupted an important process. However, if we we wake up in between two sleep cycles, we will feel far more refreshed even if we've had less sleep. This is because humans naturally wake up in between sleep cycles, provided we aren't disturbed by things like alarm clocks and other loud noises.

    If you found the free version of "Sleep Cycle Calculator" useful, we hope you'll take the step and upgrade to the Pro version to show your support. It also includes a few extra features in addition to being Ad Free.

    - Pro Version Features
    - Choose how many times you'd like to display.
    - Choose your age group to show the best time to sleep.
    - Optimize the display for short naps.


    - "BEGIN"
    1.Tap the timer to set what time you'd like to wake up.
    2. Scroll left and right in the results to see all of your suggested bedtimes.

    -"SLEEP NOW"
    1. View what time you should wake up if you head to bed now.
    2. Alternatively, tap the timer to enter when you would like to fall asleep.
    3. Scroll left and right in the results to see all of your suggested wake up times.

    From here you can change.
    - How long it takes for you to fall asleep.
    - How many results you'd like to show.
    - Your age group, which will mark the best time for you to sleep in brackets.
    - Disable the 4.5 hour sleep minimum for naps.

    Button fonts are by Yusukae Kamiyamane, check out his site here:

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