Slide Down Screen Unlock




    Slide down different card to unlock the screen!
    All of the cards could help you to unlock the phone screen.
    Simple and easy to use!

    Main Feature List:

    1.This is a free screen lock and unlock application.

    2.It could be used as locker an unlocker of your phone.

    3.The user interface of this screen lock is nice and delicate.

    4.It allows to expand the status bar as you like.

    5.Also it allows to select the full screen.

    6.There is a shortcut key for unlocking.Long press the SEARCH key to unlock.

    7.It provides sound and vibration effect as the unlocking reminder.

    8.Time and date is available on the unlocking screen without having to unlock.

    Five Ways to unlock:

    ---Slide the PHONE card down to unlock.

    ---Slide the HOME card down to unlock.

    ---Slide the CAMERA card down to unlock.

    ---Slide the MESSAGE card down to unlock.

    ---Long press the SEARCH button to unlock screen safely and quickly.

    If you really want to use this application Slide Down Screen Unlock as your phone lock,please download it right now.
    Enable the application first.
    About other settings,such as sound and vibration,full screen,status bar and shortcut key,you could manage them at any time as you wish.
    But this is not a real locker.It could not stop others from opening your phone.
    It could only change the outlook of your phone screen.

    Come on to experience this screen lock.
    Support us by giving this application 5 stars.
    Looking forward to your feedback via email.

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