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    Slide the button to unlock the screen locker! This free app Slide to Unlock Screen Lock is a totally free screen lock for Android users. With this tool, we can lock the screen with full-functioned background and unlock the screen by dragging the button.

    1. Does your screen touch easily in your daily life? Or are your Android devices out of power easily?
    2. -Maybe you need a screen lock here to lock your screen when you don¡¯t use the Android devices.
    -With this tool, we can avoid touching carelessly and save battery here.
    3. -Just lock the screen and we also can get quick access to day of week, date and time here.
    -It can save us a lot of time and troublesome of checking exclusively by unlocking the screen.

    1. Are you fed up with Android traditional screen lock? Or do you want to get more in screen lock?
    2. This screen lock Slide to Unlock Screen Lock can help us out and offer us a new screen lock here.
    3. Just slide from left to right to unlock the screen in the beautiful background here.

    1. Enable ringtone or vibrate effect here as you wish.
    2. Turn on this screen lock Slide to Unlock Screen Lock.
    3. Wait for the screen off or turn off the screen manually.
    4. When you want to check time, you can press POWER key to check day of week, date and time in beautiful background.
    5. If you want to unlock the screen, you should turn on the screen and get locked background here.
    6. Just slide from left to right to unlock the screen here.
    7. With unlocking process, we can get reminders of ringtone or vibration here.

    Come to try this screen locker here for free. If you like it, please give us 5 stars and share with your friends. Also you can email us your advice and problems here. You will love it!

    A slider or slide phone could be composed of usually two, but sometimes more, sections that can slide past each other on rails. Most slider phones may have a display segment which houses the speaker used for calls and the phone's screen, while another segment contains the keypad or keyboard and slides out for use. The goal of using a sliding form factor can be to allow the operator to take advantage of full physical keyboards or keypads, without sacrificing portability, by retracting them into the phone when these are not in use. Many different companies could have developed phones that slide.

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