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    Are you tired of switching keyboards for numbers and symbols? Are you tired of tiny buttons? This awesome QWERTY keyboard uses 9 big keys to type all letters, numbers, and symbols from a real laptop keyboard!

    SlydeBoard works on all screen sizes! (Adjust font size if needed -- see below for instructions.)

    Works with browser, facebook, twitter, VNC, VPN, ConnectBot, emacs, vim, terminal, SMS, e-mail, texting, Nook Reader (hacked)ssh & telnet.

    For the geeks out there, CTRL characters, TAB, ~, , \, {, }, _ and ESCAPE all work without having to pull out your hardware keyboard! They're exactly where you expect them to be on the keyboard!

    After install, go to 'Settings->Locale & Text' to enable SlydeBoard. (It may also be in 'Language & Keyboard' on some android devices.)

    Once SlydeBoard is enabled, just long press on any input method to activate it!

    SlydeBoard configuration settings are available on the 'Locale & Text' settings screen right below the checkbox to enable the keyboard. The defaults are ok when you start, but you'll want to customize it once you see what works for you!

    Most keys are self-explanatory, but swype up on any button for backspace. Swype down on any button for enter. If you can't find a key, just hold down a button to get a popup of all the possibilities!

    SlydeBoard includes currency symbols for dollars, euros and pounds.

    SlydeBoard has support for the tilde n and tilde N from spanish.

    Scrolling is supported too! The buttons on the left side allow scrolling left & right. The buttons on the right side allow scrolling up & down.

    Just hold your finger on a key to see all of the available keys. Remember to slide rapidly left or right to get to the keys on the edge, like 'q' and 't'.

    See web site ( for more help & installation instructions.

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