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    This is the official Sony application for Smart Imaging Stand IPT-DS10M. It is a dedicated app which contains a smartphone-to-imaging stand connectivity component and a smile catcher component. With this app, your smartphone, will be able to control Smart Imaging Stand so that it rotates and tilts, follows faces, catches smiles and takes the pictures. Intelligent imaging.

    To use this app, you will need to install Smart Connect from Sony, a popular device-to-device connectivity app. When you have installed Smart Imaging Stand app, it will not appear on your home screen. Instead, it will be integrated into Smart Connect.

    Smart Imaging Stand application is optimized for Sony Xperia smartphones running Android 4.0 or later. Functionality may not be optimal when using Smart Imaging Stand with other smartphones.
    Smart Imaging Stand IPT-DS10M is an innovative imaging accessory from Sony. Your smartphone senses faces and smiles, focuses and follows. It automatically steers Smart Imaging Stand which tilts and rotates to keep the subject in focus and takes the shot when the subject smiles. It also follows and focuses on subject during video recording.

    Your smartphone controls Smart Imaging Stand via Bluetooth. Pairing and connecting is easy with NFC.
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