Smart night clock




    + Fully featured for 12 hours +
    The full set of features can be tested for 12 hours after installation. The unlimited version can be found as Smart night clock | NightDream.

    NightDream a desk clock that is suitable for the night. In dock mode this DayDream provides a simple digital clock that automatically adjusts its brightness, During the day the display is bright, but in the evening it is dim. During the night it dims to a minimum. The night mode is switched on only if it is dark and silent in your room. The clock wakes up, if you're making noise, so that the display is easier to read.

    At night the ringer is automatically set to silent so that nobody will disturb you. In the morning the ringer is reset to normal.

    Besides being a night clock, you can use it as a desk clock without having to re-configure it.

    Note: Same as a night clock, this app is not intended to work without the phone connected to the AC. It will surely drain your battery, because it heavily uses the light sensor and keeps the screen on.

    + Features of the paid version +

    - Alarm clock

    Using a swipe from the left, you can set the alarm clock. Delete it by tapping on the lower right corner. If the DayDream stops before the alarm your standard alarm clock app is configured instead.

    - Battery

    While charging your battery, an estimate time is calculated how long it takes until the battery is full.

    - manually adjustment of the brightness
    - customizable color
    - background image
    - current date

    - Notifications for whatsapp, twitter, gmail and phone calls
    - on devices with Android older than 4.3 you have to activate the Accessibility service
    Settings > Accessibility settings
    - on Android 4.3 you have to active Settings > Security > Notification listener

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